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Fire Safety Sales is dedicated to both the maintenance and installation of a wide array of safety equipment. Our company offers fire extinguishers, fire safety equipment, and emergency lighting for sale. Our technicians are properly certified and have been trained to service equipment according to the book. We are devoted to serving business owners of all backgrounds and can complete an initial inspection of the premises within a short time-frame. Our primary goal is to look for fire hazards that will need to be dealt with quickly to keep potential consumers safe. We’ve seen plenty of accidents over the years that were caused directly or indirectly by poor maintenance or a poorly crafted fire suppression system. We can develop an action plan that will ensure you are protected. Our team members are licensed and certified in the proper areas and are certified to inspect and maintain all fire safety systems. We are most interested in providing quality service for a reasonable price. Whether you require assistance with kitchen restaurant system maintenance or fire safety training, we have the skills and knowledge to do the job correctly

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